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Safety Features Of A Good Truck GPS

Safety Features of a Good Truck GPS

With a good truck GPS system, there are numerous safety features to benefit from. There are large and small fleets out there using such systems to cut costs and to cover their own liability concerns. The regulations continue to get stricter and there are more of them on the horizon. Being on top of it and reducing the risk of any driver's engaging in violations such as driving when out of hours it important.

GPS tracking can help with improving the overall safety record of a fleet company. With such recognition comes reduced insurance rates and more profits. Businesses may decide to offer contracts as they want a reliable trucking entity that also has a very good safety record. Applicants are more likely to be those with experience and dedication to such a job role because they want to work for an outstanding company with such a reputation.

The court of law allows truck GPS systems to be used as a method of defense or as a form of proof. Should a driver be accused of excessive speed for example and they are involved in an accident, then that can be used to show they weren't. Once, it was used when a car hit a truck which was stopped at a light. Get Truck Gps from gds. The car tried to pass on the right side and didn't get through there. They blamed the truck but the GPS proved it wasn't even in motion at the time of the accident so the police issued the car the ticket, not the driver of the truck.

The overall reports given to management of truck fleets with GPS allow for more changes to be put into motion if necessary. When drivers aren't behaving like they should, these reports are going to show it and be a red flag. It can provide the business with information to talk to the driver and come up with a corrective action plan. If they don't comply then they may be fired because they aren't following the rules and regulations.

Replaying the route which was used by a driver is a perk of a truck GPS system. If there are any problems with the route they used or they went out of their way for something, it will show up. This was once used by a company to show a driver going 40 miles out of their way to gamble at a casino during their break time. He did this a few times in a row and then he was fired for it.

The investment in truck GPS is just the start for improving overall safety with fleet vehicles. Such programs should be in place with refreshing occurring at intervals of no more than 5 minutes. This ensures the vehicle can easily be found in the event of a serious issue. The speed of the vehicle can also be successfully tracked with this type of system. It can verify the driver isn't exceeding the speed limits established in the areas where they are taking their load of goods.

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